SiD? What The Fuck?

This site began as a relocation for felix's blog after's server went down, but quickly became an amalgamation of concepts after some post-jam wittering amongst friends in an East London basement, and some weeks later was born. It serves as a multi-platform outlet for us and people whose work we believe in, wherever they are. We love good, raw, music and we love good, raw thinking. This is our flagship vessel for the best original musical, lyrical and verbal thought we can make up ourselves or make friends with.'s icon

was inspired by the masonic shenanigans of some of the wealthier, more influential kids of Yale University, which includes both Bush presidents and some other shady characters. The skull is supposedly that of Geronimo. Nothing written here will do the already disparate accounts justice, so go and read if you're interested.

Some worthy credits

This is the boring geeky bit for penguin lovers...

The vast majority of the technical credits of this site go to scripters of PHP, Javascript and Actionscript most of whom we'll forget to credit. But here's a couple...

The Flash mp3 player is fuckin brilliant, keeps getting better, is free and was written by Jeroen Wijering -

If you see things flying around the screen, fading in or out or sliding into view on this site it's cos of the the guys at scriptaculous -

More PHP scripters to credit for the user back-end than can possibly be remembered (especially after we've butchered their code) ...further credits for these shall be detectivised soon, but everything one way or another is found via user comments at; so that'll have to do for now


technical concept and original design