Feed addresses
There are 3 main protocols
There is also a unique address for each artist on each protocol - see About the Artists

Aggregator/application access

Atom [Valid Atom 1.0]

RSS20 [Valid RSS feed]

[RSS20 for iTunes] [Valid RSS feed]
Until Apple bring their software up to date...html entity-free, dumbed-down stream specially for iTunes

Mobile access | There is a special address for this


Subscription software
Some applications that will read the Noose streams

Nullsoft Winamp Windows only, but excellent, full featured news reader, as well as decent quality player with well thought out media library. It's the SiD office main stereo.
Juice Cross-platfrom newsreader
Yamipod Cross-platform iPod manager
iPodderX "Cross-platform media aggregator that handles podcasts, vlogs and other files distributed using newsfeeds."
jPodder  The original podcast reading software. Java application.
iTunes Just downloads latest episode from a channel before you've had a chance to read the description, displays html entities like '»' as '»' (no kidding) ...this software can't even be bothered to convert seconds into hrs:mins:secs, so podcasters have to do it specially beforehand - not a big hassle, but for fux sake! Oh, and doesn't display our channel images - has a problem with our 300x300 jpegs apparently, even though this is precisely their specification. Ironically (seeing as the term 'podcast' derives from 'iPod'), this is the last application we would recommend for subscribing to podcasts.
FeedPod Reeds the feeds out to you
NetNewsWire RSS/Atom newsreader for OSX
PulpFiction  Another RSS/Atom newsreader for OSX
Golden Ear Retro radio-styley podcast reader
Doppler Aggregator for managing subscriptions, acts as add-on to your media player
BitsCast Synchronises with iPods / iTunes
RSSRadio Speaks for itself, really
Nimiq Very simple but very cool subscription client. Supports bitorrent. Requires Microsoft's .NET framework
Podcast Amp Simple subscription tool.
Podracer "podcast aggregator/downloader. It supports BitTorrent, http and even ftp distribution of podcasts and runs best as a cron job to automatically retrieve podcasts throughout the day."
Peapod Supports BitTorrent
amaroK Linux music app
StreamTuned Requires mplayer
Rhythmbox For GNOME
gPodder RSS reader
Liferea RSS reader
PenguinTV RSS reader
BPConf For KDE on Linux
AmiPodder We shit you not - podcast application for Amiga

About feeds
The best way to get the Noose is either by simply visiting this site or by using a media player on your computer, configuring it with one of the feed addresses shown...but you can also subscribe to the Noose using a user-configured newsreader like the ones provided by Google, Yahoo, etc. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/News_aggregator if you're new to all this feeds mallarchy.

If you're stuck on a glacier with a PDA or a mobile phone then you could even use one of those, using the xhtml address.