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Sharon lighting a faaag
The Bitch Boys
Improv proteges, East London

The Bitch Boys, sponsored by Tennents and Go-Cat...are Sharon Lee Kirk, courageous lover, noodle-stashing, cocktailspoon-singeing cardboard actress of forum theatre, and Clancy McLune, spliff-dodging, down-and-out dyke marryer of East London anti-fame. The Bitch Boys first met in a pile of broken glass in King's Cross and made their first recording some months later, circa the time of guitarist McLune's last nervous breakdown. Whether the recordings were a symptom or a cause of his illness is unclear, however, dubbing themeselves "The Bitch Boys", Kirk and McLune set out to launch an offensive on London's piss-poor art culture and the egos of the spoilt kids that embody it, but in the end they couldn't be arsed.

More crap at www.myspace.com/thebitchboys

Jim, Jon, Steve & Johnny


Felix The Rat
Felix The Rat
Welsher (lit: responsibility shirker), London UK

has been a penning musical, political, whatever rants for small fanzines in South Wales and on the internet in London since puberty. He currently lives around East London, runs music workshops at Crisis skylight and screams bloody murder about it for MJ13. He also designs web sites by night which means he doesn't sleep very much. Felix's greatest desire is to get the fuck out of the UK.

More ranting can be found at felixtherat.blogspot.com

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Multi-faceted punk whores, London UK

MJ13 have been stinking out anarchist social centres and swanky venues in East London since Summer 2006 - Andres Anguita joined Anthony Johns and Felix the Rat in September.

Johns, Rat and Anguita all have musical roots firmly planted in 80s/90s pre-grunge (and earlier) and all but one was young enough at the time to truly understand those lyrics, man. What-ever. Anyway, it's a time-warp ampheto-drenalin-orphin high, and not a needle in sight.

MJ13 means many things to many people... the original MJ12 (The Majestic 12) were a branch of the CIA under John Kennedy responsible for psychological warfare during the cold war; hence (true to airhead form) MJ13 the French software cracker's webring, MJ13 the somewhat dodgy seeming Japanese organisation, and our very own MJ13 the punk/psych/whatever act based in London. Our MJ13 is a bit pagan on the side though, but only a bit - 13 is just a nice number really.

Their website's at www.mj13.info