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Puncturing the paisley veil, in Itacare, Bahia, Brasil
Right now I'm reading on Quantum Theory and American Foreign Policy at the same time, an accident since I picked up a book called The Search for Schrodinger's Cat at the book exchange in the launderette on Cambridge Heath Road the other day. It makes for an interesting combination, not that the concerns that keep me awake are anything new, but the questions and implications that Chomsky awakens in me are slightly different. For the first time, I'm amazed to realise, I'm wondering what ends US policy has - its ambitions for itself, and for humanity as a whole.

Consider's logically impossible to know the location and trajectory of an electron at the same have to trust me on this, it is. The equation determines nothing in that two of its main components are indeterminite values, but the more precisely you know the location of an electron the less precisely you know its trajectory, and the inverse is similarly true. Much as observing very small particles alters their behaviour, a similar behaviour has arisen in the hegemonious states (read State) since the work of Bohr and his contemporaries on quantum theory in Copenhagen in the first half of the twentieth century. Orwell's doublethink principle has become normalised and a regular incumbence to anyone interested in political history in the last half century, no less an incumbence to the prevalence of the truth itself.

I'm reminded here of Dr Eamonn Healey, who gave a tremendously insightful monologue at the beginning of Richard Linklater's film Waking Life... a transcript can be easily found with a quick google search, but Healey gives a brilliantly optimistic view on human evolutionary development by introducing the concept of a kind of intellectual singularity...much like the technological singularity, whereby as human achievements have been getting greater and greater in ever decreasing spaces of time, a telescoping effect, then technological achievements will concievably one day be as simple as concieving them... an intellectual singularity, which is to me more inevitable than a technological one, will eliminate such characteristics as predation, war, morality as unneccesary and vulgar manifestations of an outdated evolutionary paradigm. The new successors will no longer dominate their predeccessors but each will exist in a mutually benevolent relationship, and the characteristics of loyalty, honesty and mutuality will (counter-intuitively, Healey cutely adds) be the manifestations of the arrival of the neo-hominid. Great, I thought, and this saves my sanity in so many ways: giving meaning to my childish clinging to Anarchism as I came to a new understanding of it as a glimpse of the furthermost point of human evolution on our horizon, a direction to push towards (like I've been saying since I was a fucking teenager), rather than a societal model to force the world into fitting right now.

It's the inspiration to start new things as well as get up in the morning, and I'm excited as to where this new optimism might take me, but I'm still majorly fucked up about the Washington project. Is theirs the same as mine? Is genocide as inevitable as beautiful horizons for human intellect, the intellectual, or dare I say, love singularity? Fuck! I hope not. I'm beginning to enter the realm of spiritual taboo in my acceleration towards the truth, like so many other ego-centric white guys before me, and simlarly I see my intentions as the right ones. And sickening as this is, it's even more so in that I can't for the life of percieve that I'll ever get someone I love to understand this. Fucking email me if you do. felix at sameindeath dot com

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