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End The USA / Drop The "A" Bomb
Destroying the state - whose fucking state is it anyway? An anti-US/anti-state disambiguation attempt

I'm sure you didn't miss it, but the past five years, by now well-cited as being as close to a prologue to an Orwellian world power model as is imaginable (where to imagine a worse modern scenario than the status quo has been merely to imagine its following scenario prematurely), fucked me up if they didn't you.

I don't know if you can hear voices in the wind the same as I hear them, but to me they're constantly saying "Hurry Up!" and "Get Off The Ship!". I think I know what the ship is and I'm always stood as close as I can to the edge/lifeboats but I don't know what I'm supposed to hurry up about, except maybe sinking the ship, and I'm fucked if I know how to do it. OK so I'm not really much of an activist (more of a quack academic) in that I do all this worrying by myself, but if that's true then it's because I feel about as powerless in the company of 2 million of my social contemporaries as I do alone. Even though we generally unite under a negative message for purposes of solidarity ("Stop The War"), the mainstream of political dissent dare not even speak of anything so (forgive me) "radical" as instigating the demise of US hegemony. "Dismantle the USA!". Why the fuck not?

I need to drop in a note of disambiguation here. I'm ready now, late in my twenties, to finally admit that Anarchism, as laudable a concept as it has been for centuries, has been condemned to the dialogue of western adolescents for a reason, and insist that our struggle against the US is not one against state, and that it's vital to differentiate. The first time I remember having the notion of liberalism and anarchism cutting the same path was when I came across a concept known as "Anarcho-capitalism" (almost identical to Blair's New Labour, an unapologetic advocation of free-market liberalism), and it was the beginning of the end for me drawing A signs on things. Though I still argue that as a vision the concept of Anarchism is a good model of the furthest visible horizon of human evolution (i.e. for human nature to truly achieve benignity), I have also until now been a contemporary Anarchist, traditionally disagreeing with fellow Anarchists on all principles except that there should be no governance, simply freedom of the individual. Well, no time has ever been more appropriate than now to wave our black flags and celebrate our victory on this. God Bless the United Hegemonic Vision of America...

The contrast between the American societal model and the US strategem for world power must be very confusing from the inside, we know this. But there's even an epiphany awaiting all those American anarchists too (God knows I've met many, and liked them all), that must be twice as hard to reconcile as it was for me. That deregulation, under-regulation, the limitation or elimination of governance, on this global stage, ties the hands of the people, not the oppressor. That our domestic frustration over unjust and bigoted laws, the system of capital, warmongering and lies, is so much dinner party chatter compared to your family being killed by munitions, disease or starvation simply in order to protect our markets (NOT our governments). Governments historically have been, and to an infuriating extent still are, servants of capital over servants of people. Hence injustice. But, if (speculating wildly) this were to shift and the balance to tip significantly, would I accept another's authority over me? If they show me that they have true, exercisable authority over the powerful, greedy and murderous also, yes, what the fuck should I fear more? This is not a new argument by any means, but this is certainly a new world. If the UN were to wake tomorrow with the sudden compliance of the US, the UN would be the first authority to enjoy my willing compliance.

This is important because as long as power remains in the hands of the greedy and murderous and we argue for the demise of the state, then we simply argue for a brutal police state by some other name. The enemy is changing - as capitalism, this embarassing, fat, rotten and stinking stage of human societal development passes and demises, we shall find it to be the cultural development of people at large that effects the transition to the next stage - but as we instigate this change we should not only be exercising our immediate will, as in revolutions of the past, merely appending to our ethics and collective evolutionary memory, but also legislating for and regulating all of those who wish to trade globally or administrate with guns, of whom there are a great many. That means governace, folks. The alternative is about as attractive a proposition as having your family murdered by the armed sub-contractors of an oil company. Oh, OK, maybe it wouldn't be your family...

Anyway, merely dropping notes of disdain from my ivory tower in response to the world's self-repressive dementia is pissing me off too. We are rapidly approaching a time when all those with cultural influence are to begin making the same noises, and I'm eager for it to be as unequivocal as it is necessary. Over the next ten years I want widespread sentiment in the mainstream simply in direct opposition to USA's existence as a world power, and it should start here and with us.

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