Funny That I Don't Mind
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After D'Anthony
My avant-garde rendition of Anthony's soul tune, which is soon to be released on a compilation being brought together by Slauka at the 1001 in Brick Lane.

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Monday, November 27, 2006
The Frog and the Salamander
I got to work well early this morning, my sleeping pattern having been put out by the shenanigans of the weekend, and I found myself so dangerously close to passing-out-and-hitting-my-head-on-the-desk earlier that I decided to have a little lie down on the floor. There's only one other colleague in the office today, and she was very late (though she apparently turned up an hour before I woke up, didn't twig that as the shutter was up someone must be in, and I scared the living shit out of her half an hour ago by walking into her office on the way to the kitchen for some cornflakes) so I managed to kip on 'til 12:30...anyway, I digress.

I dreamt vividly of a frog and a salamander, either on the couch or the floor of the living room at home, both very colourful with big curvy patches of bright colour on their skin, the frog quite flat in shape and placid and the salamander very mellifluous in movement with a big soft mouth. The salamander climbs onto the frog and starts kissing (I guess) the back of the frog's neck. The salamander's kissing is almost like a deep, kneading massage because the frog's skin is so soft, they both have their eyes shut, and I take a minute to twig that this is an act of passion rather than some mutual care thing. I'm just realising that the salamander is in fact shagging the frog, who seems quite content about it, thinking that's quite sweet, when in wonders another salamander, brightly coloured but mostly shades of blue and green, who starts watching them both and much to my surprise starts touching itself (about as dextrously as a salamander can, lacking as it is in opposable thumbs). Now intimate as the other two clearly are they still don't seem to mind, and I'm figuring maybe things are different when you're a passionate amphibian, when in walks the cat, who starts eying them all up greedily as if she's about to pounce on them and eat them. So I go "No, Dobie, fuck off" and pick her up and take her out of the room, closing the door behind me to leave them to it.

What that was about I've no idea, but I'd better do some fucking work now

Thu, 30 Nov 2006 09:38:11 GMT