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The Schnews, my favourite rag for some years now, reported the fall of Oaxaca to Police on Sunday 29th October, pretty much the story portrayed on the newswire. While 3500 Police did storm the city and kick the fuck out of everyone, the APPO still have control of Radio Universidad and are still broadcasting this stream. Shots were fired into the University campus this morning, as per every morning, as Paramilitaries continue to take pot shots at sleeping APPO members, but no-one was hit so far today. Anyway, with the media in general continuing to ignore the Oaxaca story, I figured one more mirror for the resources and stories can only help, so here's my roundup of the best stuff I can find.

Oaxaca fights back Wednesday 8th Nov
University battle on Monday 6th Nov

Indymedia's front page (though it isn't always bang up to date)
Narconews front page
English transcript from Radio APPO
Radio APPO
Mexico Indymedia (Google translation)
Indymedia video - I recommend getting VLC Media Player to handle the many different video formats

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