Tom & Grace
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Look out Zaragoza...


Ever since he met her
He had a smile in his frown
Ever since she met him
She put her modesty down
They would get the kids out
And then they'd put them away
Visit where they live now
It's candy for your eyes

The chips have come in
For Tom & Grace


Brass to hold the frames up
We know you look at the frame
Materials they love you
We know you feel the same
Tonic in the gin glass
And shoo the beggars away
Happier than you chaps
No need to widen our eyes

But we forgive you
We're Tom & Grace


And for our struggle
You're gonna pay...

That's you, laugh at you,
That's you, right at you...
Right at you.

Thu, 16 Nov 2006 08:42:34 GMT