Multi-faceted punk whores, London UK

MJ13 have been stinking out anarchist social centres and swanky venues in East London since Summer 2006 - Andres Anguita joined Anthony Johns and Felix the Rat in September.

Johns, Rat and Anguita all have musical roots firmly planted in 80s/90s pre-grunge (and earlier) and all but one was young enough at the time to truly understand those lyrics, man. What-ever. Anyway, it's a time-warp ampheto-drenalin-orphin high, and not a needle in sight.

MJ13 means many things to many people... the original MJ12 (The Majestic 12) were a branch of the CIA under John Kennedy responsible for psychological warfare during the cold war; hence (true to airhead form) MJ13 the French software cracker's webring, MJ13 the somewhat dodgy seeming Japanese organisation, and our very own MJ13 the punk/psych/whatever act based in London. Our MJ13 is a bit pagan on the side though, but only a bit - 13 is just a nice number really.

Their website's at